Reserve Your Table

Reserve Your Table!

Secure your spot at the upcoming London Card Show by reserving a table for the event.

Explore our interactive map to select your preferred zone for your table/s, each of our four zones offer unique perks with tiered pricing. Once selected, head to the below form to request your reservation.


1st MARCH 2024 AT 6PM

Hover or click on the zone in the key to see the table allocation

Any fields that are greyed out mean the combination of day, zone and/or card type requested is unavailable at this time.
To try a different combination please reset the form using the button provided.

Fill in the details below to secure your table reservation. Our team will review your request and get in touch with you to confirm availability and finalise the booking. Thank you for choosing the London Card Show!

Interested in any add-ons?

Display case(s) - £20 each (max 2 per order)*

Unsure What Category To Pick?

Purchasing tables are split into 3 distinct categories: Sports, TCG, and Other. We kindly , request that you select the category that best describes your offerings. If you deal in both Sports and TCG, simply choose the category that aligns with your primary stock. The Other Category is exclusively for businesses within the hobby that provide specialised services.

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