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11th & 12th May 2024

3rd & 4th August 2024


600+ Tables Across The Weekend

Join us for an extraordinary weekend of card-filled excitement and discover, trade, and connect with fellow enthusiasts. Secure your tickets now to a weekend featuring over 300 tables each day of TCG, Sports and everything in-between!

Experience Exciting Activities For Everyone

Our event goes beyond the card buying, selling and trading experience to offer a wide range of interactive activities for all ages and interests.

Kids Zone

Enjoy a line-up of fun activities and guest appearances tailored for our young collectors. Find out more here.

The Subcenter

They are the UK’s leading middlemen service and the UK’s official dealer for PSA, Beckett and CGC grading services.

London Card Show Stage

Enjoy an exhilarating line-up of interviews, unboxings, raffles and exclusive features await you from our sponsors.

Retro Gaming

Sit back, relax & load up your favourite retro games at this BRAND NEW zone.

Whatnot Live Streaming

Watch your favorite content creators unbox packs live.


Come along and meet some of your favorite celebrities, such as Heskey & Barnes, in the industry with the opportunity to get a card or keepsake signed.


Enjoy recent collections, raffles, swap wall, photobooth & much more!

Creator Studio

Get your own free keepsake to take home with you!

Vault X Zone

Go head-to-head & open packs in an epic showdown with special guests!

Trade Zone

Connecting with fellow enthusiasts and expanding your card collection like never before.


Go head to head with your opponent with games covering Pokemon, One Piece, Lorcana and casual Magic the Gathering.

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Vlogger Zone

Unleash your inner content creator.

Meet Our Mascot

Say hello to Hector the Collector!


Goldin look to provide collectors with a selling experience that educates and informs.

February Show Floorplan

Hover or click on the zone in the key to see the table allocation

August Show Floorplan

Secure Your Tickets Now!

At the London Card Show, we offer a variety of ticket choices to cater to all card collectors and their families.

  • VIP entry
  • General admittance
  • Adult, child & family tickets


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